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Captain Haddock...is that you?!

Need I say more?! ;)

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No, I didn't forget Tintin...

I've received the notifications about new fics and art but I have been busy lately. Besides my mind is on more real things :P
I will have a lot to read but I like having much amazing stories to read. =)

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About Tintin in Tibet

According to Hergé, son of Tintin, Tintin in Tibet was drawn when Hergé was having a crisis on his marriage. Since he fell madly in love for Fanny Vlamynck,a coloring artist 28 years his junior,he saw Germaine more as a sister than a wife. At first he tries to kept both women; he tried to explain Germaine it was normal to have two women (wtf). He couldn't no longer do without Fanny but it would be a error for them to end their marriage; they shared so much. A friend tried to persuade them to find a modus vivendi and Germaine and Fanny seemed to agree with that. But Hergé couldn't live like this and he announced Germaine he was leaving. Germaine resisted at first, she didn't want the divorce.

From the book:

Tintin rediscovered Tchang but the yeti stands alone. Hergé draws his tears in the sketch but didn't paint them and let the reader to imagine them. How not to think about the separation that just happened between Georges and Germaine? Especially if we recall another scene just before, in the album.

Who is Tintin, who is Haddock in the reality they´re living that time? Hergé had hopes that Germaine would break the marital bond, accepting to free him? Now he knows he has to assume the break up.

Hum...it was like Tintin represented Germaine, who didn't want the separation? õ_o. But of course the story has nothing to do with it...Haddock and Tinrin were together in the end. (fortunately ^^)

Then I recall that scene:

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Better than medicine

Pairing: Haddock/Tintin
Rate: PG-13
Genre: Hurt/comfort/pre-slash

Summary: Tintin suffers from a stomach ache and the Captain tries to help him.

Authors note: I was beginning the fourth chapter of Drops of Passion when that idea struck me. I hope I wasn't too boring again and the dialogue makes some sense...@@

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